Cleo’s Story

We are a small mother and daughter owned/operated business who began our goat milk soap journey in 2013. It started when we happened upon a lady selling goat milk soap at a Trade Day’s event. We bought several of her products and made our hour and a half drive back home. Upon using the goat milk products for a few days, we realized our skin was beginning to change for the better. We could not wait for the next time we would make the hour and half drive back to the Trade Day’s where we could pick up more of the goat milk soap.
Our addiction to a healthier life style had begun! We made our trip to and from the Trade Day’s event for quite a while before deciding to ask the soap making lady if she would share how to make the goat milk products. Thankfully, she happily shared in detail her secret. First we intended on making the goat milk goodies for ourselves. However, it was too good not to share with family and friends. After sharing with our family and friends, we decided to make and sell to the public. Simultaneously my daughter Amy had begun using pure Essential Oils and we decided to incorporate the oils into the goat milk soap. WOW, not only did we have the benefit of the goat milk but the essential oils too. We use the essential oils in our soaps both therapeutically and for the skin benefits. You can’t get a better bar with the benefits than Goats Milk with Essential Oils.
Since we started making Cleo’s Goat Milk Soap, we have been selling at Farmers Markets, Festivals, and Trade Day’s and find that people love it. Many of the venues we traveled to were out of our town so we directed our customers to our Cleo’s Goat Milk Soap Facebook page to keep them updated. However, they were wanting to purchase more and it became complicated because we did not have a shopping cart on our Facebook page. The need for a website became Pertinent.
So here we are!!

Hope you enjoy browsing our products and hope to send you some soon.
We are born again believers in Yeshua “Jesus” and try to live according to His Word daily.
We stand and support Israel both prayerfully and financially. Ten percent of each purchase will go directly to support the people of Israel.